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What is a mineral and what does TDS mean? Common questions you may ask yourself…

What is a mineral you ask?  A lot of companies out there are claiming that the minerals in our water is a contaminant..IT IS NOT!!! A mineral is a nutrient, which is healthy and beneficial.  These companies are measuring the minerals in the water using a TDS count, all that is is the amount of  minerals in the water, which are not harmful!...We don not want to remove the minerals...they are safer and less corrosive.  Please do your research and [...]

Cities Most Likely to Run Out of Water…

The U.S. Drought Monitor has released new data on U.S. cities that are running out of water -- and believe it or not, the top 10 spots are all located in California. Some of the worst drought conditions on record have left much of the Golden State grasping for moisture wherever it can be found. But for these 10 cities, more than 75 percent of their land area is now marked by "exceptional" drought, the highest level on the [...]

Water Wars..

Now in its third year of record-breaking drought conditions, the water-deprived state of California is reportedly beefing up its law enforcement to crack down on so-called water "abusers" who use too much. In Los Angeles, a full-time "water cop," with three more on the way, now patrols the streets daily looking for violators, according to the Los Angeles Daily News (LADN), an indication of the escalating water wars taking place in the West. More than 75 percent of California's water [...]

What You Should Know About Hard Water…

Think you know all there is to know about hard water...Read the facts! Minerals are not contaminants. Drinking water rich with essential minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium, protects good health and lowers instances of heart disease and stroke.   Hard water does not fade colors or dry skin and hair; chlorine does!   If you are thinking about getting a water softener to get rid of hard water, remember this...High salts in the waste stream can harm aquatic life and can damage crops irrigated [...]

MYTH #714

"ALL WATER FILTRATION COMPANIES ARE THE SAME." NOT AT ALL!   The only resemblance One Water Systems has with others is the silver container. Think about it...If we gave up: Free Annual Inspections Free Parts and Labor Guarantee U.S. Patented Descaler First Class Customer Service and 5 Star Reviews Then, we wouldn't be #1!


Buyer Beware! A lot of in-service home companies are offered money for names, addresses and visits to your home, but One Water Systems does not!  We've been offered as much as $500 to sell our customers' names and addresses... Rest assured, we never share or sell our customer's information! Please be wary of any in-home companies that come by to visit.    

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

When it comes to staying hydrated, many women follow the old rule of thumb: 8 glasses of water a day. But does that guideline really, excuse the pun, hold water? And what about sports drinks? Are they more or less effective than H2O? Experts weigh in on the importance of hydration – as well as how, when and where to get the fluids your body needs… Do you diligently keep a water bottle handy at all times – on your [...]

Home Water Filter in San Diego

Do you ever take a sip of water from your tap and wonder, "why does this taste weird?" The answer to that question can be one or more complex factors depending on where your drinking water comes from and how it's filtered. In San Diego, it's most likely your on city water and if you're not filtering that water, you're ingesting all kinds of chemicals, minerals and other contaminants that make their way into your home drinking water. There are [...]

Arsenic in well water could lower IQ…

Could your tap water lower your IQ? Well, a recent study says it's possible if there's arsenic in it. 'The kids who were exposed to even a small amount of arsenic seemed to score lower on their IQ tests,' HLN reported. The study focused on 272 kids exposed to arsenic in well water in Maine. It was conducted by scientists from Columbia University and the University of New Hampshire over the span of 5 years. According to the Portland Press Herald, they found [...]