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Choosing the Best Home Water Filter in San Diego

Choosing the Best Home Water Filter in San Diego

There are a lot of residential systems available that claim to be the best home water filter in San Diego. However, not all products are created equal. There are several factors involved such as performance, methods, and filter types. Finding the best option for your family requires research, and knowledge of what to look for.

The best home water filter will have performance data testing available for your review. This performance testing should outline some very important factors. If a company or manufacturer does not wish to release these performance data tests to you, the consumer, you should likely look elsewhere for your home water filtering needs.

There are several things that you should look for on the performance sheet that will indicate that you have found one of the best home water filters in San Diego. First, the performance data testing should go above and beyond the required testing limits. For example, if the required testing is for the performance up to 500 gallons, the water filter should be tested for at least 750 gallons. Some of the best filters are tested up to 1000 gallons of water per filter.

Another item that needs to be considered is how the filter measures up to the established best home water filters. This includes items such as water usage and the types and levels of contaminants that are eliminated by the filter. It should also be noted whether or not the filter eliminates healthful organic minerals in its filtering process.

The best home water filtering methods should also be examined. There are many methods in use today in home water filtering systems. One of the less popular but still commonly found methods is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is actually a purification system, in which harmful organic compounds and healthful minerals are stripped from the water. These systems are generally not the best option for families, because the minerals found in water are actually good for you. They also do a poor job of eliminated synthetic chemicals, as well as chlorine.

The best home water filters in San Diego will make use of carbon based filters. Carbon based filters are recognized by the EPA as being the most effective in eliminating volatile organic compounds and Trihalomethanes from the water. These are the most common type of water filtration system.

The best systems are those that use multiple stages and filters, beginning with a carbon based filter. It simply makes sense that the more times the water goes through the filter, the more contaminants will be eliminated. These filter systems will eliminate the most contaminants from the water. They also have a better chance of lowering harmful chlorine levels and other toxins, without eliminating healthful minerals.

Another thing to look for in the best home water filters is whether or not the filter restores the PH balance of the water. PH balance is important for skin and hair health. PH balanced water will also allow your clothes and household cleaners last longer, saving you money. In the end, any home filter is better than no filter. However, check carefully to make sure that you have the best home water filters in your home. If in doubt, check performance testing data and ask for a full explanation of filtering method.