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One Water Systems – Clean, Healthy Water in San Diego

One Water Systems

One Water Systems – Clean, Healthy Water in San Diego

One Water: A maintenance-free system that creates clean, healthy water for drinking and bathing.

Kevin Worsfold, owner/ operator of One Water Systems is passionate about water. So passionate that he read all 196 pages of the World Health Organization’s preliminary report on Nutrients in Drinking Water.

“The evidence repeatedly points to the fact that softened water – which has had its minerals removed either by using salt or reverse osmosis-type filtration – is unhealthy,” said Worsfold.

“Demineralized water will kill a goldfish or a plant. So as a choice for drinking or cooking, it’s not healthy. But bathing is even more important than drinking water, as we absorb more in a 20-minute shower than we drink in a 24-hour day.”

Worsfold’s goal is to educate consumers and help them achieve a better quality of life through healthy, clean and bacteria-free water. And he’s been doing exactly that since 2006 when he founded his company to distribute One Water’s whole-house water treatment system. “With a whole-house system, you can have better than bottled water quality at every faucet and shower in your home,” said Worsfold.

To understand how a One Water system works, it helps to first understand the difference between hard water and soft. Hard water is defined as water that contains dissolved minerals (usually but not limited to calcium and magnesium bicarbonate) expressed in grains per gallon. The lower the mineral content of the water, the “softer” it is (and the more corrosive).

Water softening systems trade the minerals for sodium or potassium chloride in a process called ion exchange. “This process not only takes the healthy minerals out of water, it creates a polluting brine discharge that’s harmful to the environment,” said Worsfold, adding that his system concentrates on the insoluble bicarbonate crystals of the minerals, breaking them down with low voltage, high frequency electronic impulses instead of salts. This makes them soluble, hence less corrosive and unable to cause buildup in pipes.

“A good way to grasp the difference between calcium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate is to picture the body’s digestive system as a metaphor for the pipes in your home,” said Worsfold. “Bicarbonate would be like putting baking soda into our body – it’s non-digestible and binding. Carbonate on the other hand would be like using Tums, which are digestive or cleaning.”

The One Water Systems filtration device also uses granular activated carbon to filter out contaminants such as pesticides, solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which leach in through porous concrete pipes buried underground. Chlorine, which is added to water to kill bacteria, is also removed.

Because the One Water system doesn’t involve salts, magnets or filters, it’s fully automatic and maintenance-free.

Worsfold is so confident that the One Water system produces the finest healthiest water of any system on the market, that he has a standing offer to pay $5,000 to any company that can prove to be better.