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The cost of water

The cost of water

The investment into your families health has no limits, but the cost of clean water does?

A typical family spends $12 a week on bottles water, or rents a cooler or filter for $30 plus a month.drinking and shower filters can cost over $50 a month!
This can add up, in a year the average would be over $500 to keep your water cleaner and healthier, in most cases the availability for a drink is only at the kitchen sink or refrigerator.

But cleaning vegetables, washing hands and bathing what happens to that water….?
Nothing! as most over the counter filters don’t help with those issues.

A whole house system from O.W.S. does cover all areas of potentially contaminated water by giving peace of mind with;

The 3 media, U.S. made filtration tanks. and true salt free patented descaler.

A 10 year written promise of clean and drinkable water at every faucet.

Total maintenance and repair free along with check ups every year.

Backed by a company that cares and answers any question.


No inconvenience of carrying heavy old bottled water from the stores, remembering to change that filter, or allowing the rental company to drop off or replace canisters every month.. and the best thing its saves money as well over anything else.
So don’t limit the need of clean water for your family and friends, after all if we didn’t have it, nobody would be reading this.