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Los Angeles to Shut Off Water If Found Partying

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, said Wednesday that an effort to reduce giant gatherings and parties, they will be shutting off the water and power at those locations. A lot of people in LA are now having house parties and gatherings in their own homes despite the restrictions put in place by California Governor Gavin Newsom last month, Newsom ordered an immediate halt to indoor activities at restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. There has been a large [...]

Potential Spike in San Diego Water Bills

The San Diego County Water Authority said its sales earlier this year dropped 14 percent. This is in part to a very wet winter as well as the economic impact that Covid-19 has on businesses and residents. San Diego depends on getting most of their water from the Colorado River which is controlled by a company called Metropolitan Water District, located in Los Angeles. When they raise the rates of water for San Diego County Water Authority, that tends [...]

California Awards San Diego $15 Million for Water Projects

The California Department of Water Resources has awarded more than $15 million in grant funds to San Diego County, to help with water recycling and reuse to water conservation. The San Diego County Water Authority submitted the funding for the San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management Program. The San Diego IRWMP secured a $15,336,336 grant. The grant money will be used in parts all over the county. Here is a complete breakdown of the funds: Paradise Valley Creek Water Quality and [...]

Reeling Back Annual Check Ups

As California sees the number of covid-19 cases rise every day and the governor continuing to put new orders in place to prevent the spread, it's our turn to step up the safety of our customers and employees as well. We will be postponing annual check up visits once again. We have decided as a company that it is best to limit our exposure to our customers during this difficult time. We will prioritize those that have an emergency [...]

Ocean Found on Jupiter’s Moon

We are water people. When a story with water pops up, it's hard to look away. This story in particular is most unusual for us to write about but also very interesting for the possible future of humanity. Scientists have recently made a discovery saying the Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, could be the best spot to find alien life and be habitable to life itself. They have calculated that water in the subsurface ocean of Europa could have been formed [...]

Annual Check Ups During Covid-19

As we start to wind our business back up we have come up with ways to continue to do the annual check ups for our existing customers. We understand how important they are to giving you peace of mind and we pride ourselves as being the only water filtration company willing to give that peace of mind to you each and every year. This is how it will go: Upon arrival to the homes of our customers, our technicians will [...]

Covid-19 May Update

As we all continue to find our way through this difficult time, we figured we would share some of the things that we are planning. Here is what we know about the virus so far. 1. It can be spread rapidly. Someone can get this virus if they are in the same room as someone that has it. Tiny droplets from someone sneezing or coughing can flow through the air and get someone else infected. 2. You can have [...]

Free For Five Winner

Doug Anderson of Carlsbad just got his One Water System for free. Congratulations Doug! Thank you from all of us here at One Water Systems. Watch the video below that shows Doug winning his money and what he knows of the advantages of having a whole house filtration system are.

Covid-19/ Coronavirus Update

One Water Systems will have our operations going on a limited basis. Due to the safety of our customers and employees, we will only be taking phone calls about any concerns or inquires. We will install any system that has been ordered or booked. Please note that our installations take place in the garage or outside, away from immediate contact. Our office will be closed until further notice. Annual inspections and in-home consultations are suspended for now. We are wishing everyone a safe [...]