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Robert K. – San Diego, CA

Robert K. – San Diego, CA

Now, a month later, we’re even more pleased with the system. All promises made have been fulfilled.

It is so wonderful to have pure drinking water from every faucet in the house. No more bottled water or filters for the refrigerator.

You can “feel” the softness when you shower. For showering and, especially, for laundry, less soap is necessary. Laundry comes out much cleaner looking.

At first we had spotted glasses coming out of the dishwasher but Finish JetDry has taken care of that. Our very old dishwasher now does a much better job.

We’ve always used Clorox tabs in the toilets and such are still necessary, probably even more so. But now there no longer is a hard-water ring in the toilets. No special cleanup necessary.

All in all, we think we’ve made a terrific investment.

Robert K. - San Diego, CA