Testimonials | One Water Systems | Home Water Filter Oceanside - Part 2


Bob S. – Poway, CA

Purchase & installation of home water filtration system. Excellent salesperson, installer communication & came out excellently as promised, the whole process wa professional and smooth room start to finish.

Myrtle M. – Oceanside, CA

All parties involved were professional and accommodating. From beginning to end the process and installation of the One Water whole house water filtration system went very smoothly. All parties involved were professional and accommodating. In fact, we were very impressed with the plumber's innovative ability to install the system in a small space.

Dinesh P. -Carlsbad, CA

It's been almost more than two years having One Water system and we are very happy. It is none to less maintenance required system which is the most part we like. We would strongly recommend to any one who is thinking to have water filter system.

Jake & Patty K. -San Diego, CA

I've had my One Water system for a few months now and I love how much better the water tastes. There used to be a reverse osmosis filtration system and a water softener and this is definitely superior. Not to mention better for my Keurig coffee machine! I also like that I can use the water for my plants without worrying about the sodium of the old softener. Thank you for having such an excellent system!

Dorian V. -Carlsbad, CA

Great tasting water and great service too...a yearly inspection of the system, ph and chlorine levels, water pressure and a basic check of water usage (per how many people live in the house) with any adjustment needed for the system "wash"....well worth the investment for our family!

Gary P. -El Cajon, CA

Best water ever for our own taps! SoCal water must be one of the worst for taste. Since we installed our OneWater system we now enjoy clean fresh tasting water at every tap. Best investment we ever made. We have owned it now for close to 6 years and it is one purchase we never regretted.

Brock S. -Fallbrook, CA

We've had our system 5 years now. Completely satisfied. The system does exactly as advertised. A rep. comes out each year to check operation at no expense. I lived 60 years in Portland so I know good water. This compares very favorably.