Testimonials | One Water Systems | Home Water Filter Oceanside - Part 6



I am very satisfied with One Water Systems! What I like best is the great taste and it feels fresh. The annual inspections are a very good idea. One Water Systems has great service and maintains the best quality of the clean water.


What I like best about One Water Systems is the soft H2o, the taste and there are no filters. I think the annual inspections are a good idea..It's nice to know that the system is performing. Money Well Spent!


I'm very satisfied with my water filtration. They are efficient and the ads are excellent. The annual inspections are the best business practice. I have recommended and will continue to do so. One Water Systems is an excellent company that follows the best business practice of "Customer Satisfaction".

R. E.

I recently purchased a home that had a One Water Systems previously installed. What prompted me to purchase the home out of all the homes I had seen were the clean faucets and no build up. I asked the previous owner what kind of filtration was installed and they said, "We have a One Water". I'm very happy with the decision I made! Thank you One Water Systems.


I researched four different types of whole house water systems from $200 to $4000. Obviously the systems were not the same but, of course, they all may claims to sell their product. I finally chose Kevin Worsfold's "One Water System".. He was the only one who didn't bash other companies and knew more than all of them about water, pipes, appliances, clothes and, of course, the system itself. It's not a water softener...


The main reason I was looking for a water treatment device was the hard water and my old system needed replacing. The One Water Systems representative was informative, very detailed and thorough and all of my questions were addressed. I am very happy with the One Water System. My dishes are no longer spotting, the water tastes great and I'm using less soap. Everything seems cleaner!