Testimonials | One Water Systems | Home Water Filter Oceanside - Part 7


Sarah Westerman

I am doing the HCG Diet and I read that in order to mazimize the weight loss it is advised to get a water filtration system and that tap water can either make you fat or at the very least not allow you to lose weight. There are many bad chemicals in water and once I started the HCG diet and got One Water System's Whole House Water Filtration System the pounds just started to melt off. I have [...]

Jennifer S. Encinitas

We bought One Water Systems initially to have accessibility to safe and clean normal water. Previously we had tried home water bottle service or buying big cases of water at Costco. Once we started having kids and saw the importance of good water and how fast we were going through it we talked to our pediatrician explained the importance of filtered water and explained that no bottled water products even come close to the quality and safety of the [...]

Dr. Robert Martin

One water systems provides the healthiest quality water to your home or business. Unlike reverse osmosis systems and water softeners, One water systems uses no filters or salt to treat the water so you save money. The Patented One Water system uses proven German engineered technology and is used by such companies as Mercedes Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Linde Corp, and Speed Queen among others. With the One Water System, healthy, great tasting drinking water is available from every [...]

Robert Z. – Carlsbad, CA

I had a carbon filtration from a "large" company I assumed would be reputable, but their customer service was non-existent, & I found out their warranty did not include "usable parts". When your advertisement showed better technology & service, I gave up theirs for yours & I"m thankful I did because not only did you help me with my concerns, your people showed up on time!!