Author - Hunter Worsfold

Free For Five Winner

Doug Anderson of Carlsbad just got his One Water System for free. Congratulations Doug! Thank you from all of us here at One Water Systems. Watch the video below that shows Doug winning his money and what he knows of the advantages of having a whole house filtration system are.

SoCal: Great Weather, Terrible Water

Southern California. Many people acknowledge us as one of the most beautiful places to live. We have the weather, the atmosphere, the attractions, even the food here is different. There's a reason we are one of the most tourist filled places in the entire United States. People can't seem to get enough of us. However, when it comes to water, people don't usually associate us with the purest water in the nation. Why is that? Could it be that [...]

“Water is the Driving Force of All Nature”

This was said by one of the most artistic humans in the world, Leonardo da Vinci. He isn't wrong. In fact when you break it down, water is exactly that. Everyone needs water. Every living organism on this planet needs water to survive. Why not make it healthy water? Enjoy some quotes by people from past and present to explain just how vital they believe water to be.    "Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of [...]

Could Dasani Be Harmful?

According to a recent study by Wellness and Equality, there are some alarming things that are being added to Coca-Cola branded Dasani Water. Turns out there are more ingredients than just water that is found inside of Dasani. On top of water you have 3 main ingredients that are "added for taste". They are: magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. Magnesium sulfate is a teratogen, which is an agent or factor that causes malformation of the embryo. This has officially [...]

Has Water Gotten Better Over Time?

The quick answer to this question would be no. In fact, when you think about it, there isn't any new water on this planet. It goes around and around being cycled through the ecosystem straight back to the faucet of your kitchen sink. Straight back through the shower head in your bathroom. Straight back to to being absorbed into your body on a daily basis. This water that we are around is the same as the water from thousands [...]