Audio Testimonials

Click any of the players below to hear real customers sharing their experience with One Water Systems. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re here to help you make an educated decision about your water.


      Chris R. - Chula Vista, CA 062017

“Enjoyed the water system, zero complaints, keep your word to visiting us every year…” Chris R. – Chula Vista, CA


“Really like the system, nice service technician which goes along with the company…” – Bradley M. – Encinitas, CA

      Bradley M. - Encinitas, CA 060717


“Wonderful job by service technician, system is great…” – Shun C. – Chino, CA

      Shun C. - Chino, CA 061317


“We noticed the difference in the water and your sales person, installer did a good job, very happy with the product…” – Michael C. – Anaheim, CA

      Michael C. - Anaheim, CA 060917


“No scale build up in my tankless water heater because I have a One Water Systems…” – Becky M. – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

      Becky M.


“Has given no problems over the years, very happy with the system…” – Roy E. – Temecula, CA

      Roy E.


“Super happy with our One Water System…”  Scott G. – Escondido, CA

      Scott G.


“Extremely great employees…” Douglas H. – San Diego, CA

      Douglas H.


“Love the product, so well worth it…” Annie E. – Murrieta, CA



“Best investment for my home…” Brian A. – San Diego, CA



“I’m usually not impressed easily…” Zeeshan K. – Carlsbad, CA



“We absolutely love our water system, it has already paid for itself…” Tina & John S. – Laguna Niguel, CA



“Thankful to have this incredible system…” Sandy V. – Poway, CA



“We are just so happy, we’ve been telling all of our neighbors and friends…” – Anna B. – Jamul, CA



“We’ve had One Water Systems for 6 years and it has been unbelievable…” – Anonymous Customer



“This is the only place my girlfriend wants to take a shower…” Vince D. – San Marcos, CA



“Kudos to One Water Systems…” Anonymous Customer



“We absolutely love it…” John & Carol T. – Escondido, CA



“Shower feels good, I can cook with clean water…” Rick W. – Wildomar, CA



“Exceptional system…” Anonymous Customer



“The system is by far the most innovative whole home system on the market today…” Anonymous Customer



“Very satisfied and equally happy with the services…” Anonymous Customer



“Great drinking water…” Brock S. – Fallbrook, CA



“Service is outstanding, taste is fabulous…” Anonymous Customer



“100% satisfied…” – Anonymous Customer



“Best possible thing that you can have…” Dottie G. – San Diego, CA



“We love it…” Anonymous Customer



“Best water, very happy to have it…” Rita M. – Burbank, CA