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Hurricane Aftermath

Hurricane Aftermath

Hunker down, batten the hatches, stay inside. All things we heard when the recent Hurricane Hilary came through San Diego, the first hurricane to hit Southern California in over 80 years. While most of us went unscathed, something we do not really pay too much attention to is the aftermath on things we use every day. Being a water company, we have our finger on the pulse of what happens all the time when it comes to water. Some parts of the county even had to go under a boil water advisory after the hurricane. Why is that though? What is it about the hurricane that would require that from the water supply?

After a major storm, the water supply faces serious challenges. The heavy rain can cause flooding and pollution by carrying debris, chemicals, and sewage into water sources. This contaminated water is not safe to drink. The storm can also damage crucial infrastructure like pipes and water treatment facilities. This disrupts the usual flow of clean water and can be difficult to repair, especially if there are power outages. Additionally, the increased dirtiness of the water makes the treatment process more complex. However, efforts to recover are swift. After the storm, experts assess the damage and work on repairs. They may advise people to boil their water as a precaution. This water boil advisory was seen in cities like Coronado and Imperial Beach. This underscores the significance of water and the need for communities to unite in ensuring access to clean water, even after a destructive storm.

After a storm, water filters can play a crucial role in enhancing water safety. Heavy rainfall and flooding can introduce sediment, microorganisms, and potential contaminants into water sources. Water filters, designed to trap particles and remove impurities, offer an extra layer of defense by improving water clarity, reducing the risk of microbial contamination, and helping to eliminate certain chemical pollutants. One should always listen to the city regardless of if they have a water filter or not but, while not a standalone solution, water filters can provide individuals and communities with a practical means to access cleaner and safer drinking water in the aftermath of a storm.

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