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Pollutants in our Water Supply…

According to research articles and news, most tap and well water in the U.S. now are not safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution. We have reached to a point that, all sources of our drinking water, including municipal water systems, wells, lakes, rivers, and even glaciers, contain some level of contamination. Contaminants range from naturally-occurring minerals to man-made chemicals and by-products. While many contaminants are found at levels not enough not to cause immediate discomforts [...]

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Arsenic found in California’s groundwater…

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined a natural gas-fired power plant $13,500 for improper management of hazardous waste. According to EPA, the plant, located in Yuba City, Calif., generated arsenic from the treatment of wastewater and failed to minimize releases of hazardous waste to the environment.Arsenic occurs naturally in the local groundwater, which the plant uses in its daily operations. The agency discovered that the facility produced arsenic from the treatment of wastewater, but it “allowed federally [...]

Study shows U.S. is third in annual water consumption…

Study shows U.S. is third in annual water consumptionVISTA, Calif. — A study conducted by two engineers at the University of Twente in the Netherlands calculated how much water is used around the world and what countries have the highest consumption rates, according to a press release.According to their research, more than 9 billion cubic meters of water are used around the world each year, noted the release.The countries with the greatest annual consumption of water are:• China, 1,207 [...]

Fluoride in our water

Children in fluoridated countries are greatly over-exposed to fluoride. When fluoridation began in 1940s, 10% of children were expected to develop dental fluorosis (damage to the enamel involving discoloration and/or mottling) in its very mild form. Today, the prevalence in fluoridated countries is much higher—41% of all American children aged 12-15 are now impacted with some form of dental fluorosis (CDC, 2010), with over 10% in categories (mild, moderate and severe) that may need expensive treatment.

Desalination no panacea for Calif. water woes

An interesting article from yahoo..MARINA, Calif. (AP) — In the Central California coastal town of Marina, a $7 million desalination plant that can turn salty ocean waves into fresh drinking water sits idle behind rusty, locked doors, shuttered by water officials because rising energy costs made the plant too expensive.Far to the north in well-heeled Marin County, plans were scrapped for a desalination facility despite two decades of planning and millions of dollars spent on a pilot plant.Squeezing salt [...]

Pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.

One of the more startling discoveries in recent years has been the amount of pharmaceuticals found in the U.S water supply. An Associated Press investigation reported while the concentrations of drugs like, antibiotics, anti-depressants, anticonvulsants, and sex hormones are tiny, they do present questions about the impact of long-term exposure.Pharmaceuticals pass through urine and the waste water goes through sewage treatment then some of that water makes its way back into the system. Water treatment facilities don’t normally release [...]

Hot Showers and premature aging

In today's society, everyone showers and bathes in heavily chlorinated water on a regular basis. Chlorine is a useful chemical that is used to treat our tap water and make it safe for drinking. Unfortunately it is also a toxic and abrasive chemical substance that is extremely irritating on human skin and lungs. When you take a shower, the heat opens up your pores and your skin absorbs large amounts of chlorine from both the water and the steam. [...]

Water Testing in the U.S.

The 2011 Healthy Pools campaign reported that half of U.S. swimming pools tested had improper pH and chlorine levels. Just this week, a study released by the National Ground Water Assn. found that 40% of the Pennsylvania private wells it tested exceeded health or aesthetic standards.These studies tell us that homeowners are not regularly testing or properly treating the water they use everyday.

Advanced Modern Water Purification Methods

Water filtration by definition simply means to strain out the impurities from a water source. The larger the impurity particulate, the easier it is to filter. The opposite is true: the smaller the impurity particulate, the harder it is to remove. Thus, the size of the filter pore and the durability of the filtering element are important to the filter's longevity and its ability to perform. Most filtering elements are made of ceramic, glass fiber, hard-block carbon, or materials [...]