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When Selecting a Home Improvement Company

When Selecting a Home Improvement Company

Recently we were interested in the benefits and features of whole house water filtration.

Research on the internet along with soliciting input from friends and colleagues confirmed that we needed to meet with professionals who sold and serviced these systems.

Meeting with a number of companies that advertised in local publications was our starting point.

Reading their advertisements, researching their company on the internet and preparing our questions for our meetings proved to be an educational experience.

Company 1 met with us and proceeded to malign the other companies advertising their product and services within the Southern California marketplace. The questions posed by us regarding the benefits and features there system and the representatives answers were inconsistent with what we learned while researching their website. In addition to the lack of knowledge, the representative was eager to price the system for our immediate purchase. When we explained to the representative that we wanted to meet with other water filtration companies to learn of their products features the price initially quoted as the best they could offer was reduced dramatically so that “we wouldn’t have to burden or inconvenience ourselves” as the other companies would probably not offer the same features as they do.

Company 2 met with us a few days later. When we mentioned that we had met with another company they initially suggested that the other company could not/would not beat their pricing. We hadn’t identified the first company or even begun the questioning of their product features and benefits when we were met with negative comments about “other” companies whole house water filtration systems. Pricing of the unit (based upon aggregate square footage of our house, number of bathrooms, occupants, etc.) appeared to be based upon what the representative felt we were capable of paying (nice house, new cars, etc.) rather than on pricing relative to the size the unit best suited for our residence. When we suggested that we needed time to consider the offer, the attitude became more aggressive and bordered on insulting.

Company 3 met with us a few days later. After introductions, and to our surprise, started the meeting off by asking us what we wanted to accomplish by having a whole house water filtration system installed in our residence. After reading their advertisement and comparing their advertisement to the others we met with, we felt that we were on the right path to getting our questions and concerns addressed in a thoughtful and professional manner. The representative listened to our questions and answered them to our satisfaction, presented us with fact sheets to substantiate the systems operating specifications, certifications, and warranties. Pricing of the system based upon industry guidelines, with advertised discounts applied (without us asking) proved to be the motivating factor in our decision to move forward with the purchase and installation of their Whole House Water Filtration System.
When considering a home improvement purchase remember to consider the following:

How were you treated by the representative when you first met with him/her?
Did the representative present the company’s product in a clear and succinct manner?
Did the representative listen to your questions “listen” being the operative word?
Did the representative answer your questions without reservation?
Did the representative provide you with product pricing to include any and all advertised discounts and incentives?
And finally, did the representative follow-up with an after sale call to thank you and confirm your installation date and time?

My wife and I experienced the above selling situations recently and when we made our decision to purchase, we went with Company 3 because of their knowledge, quality of their presentation, professionalism, product features (really impressed with the patented and certified water conditioning system), comprehensive 10 year warranty and free annual inspections to assure us that the system was operating properly. The other company’s did not offer the same type of warranty, nor did they offer the free annual inspections. Their reasoning being that Company 3’s system was inferior.

In closing, based on our research, meeting with three (3) local company’s, additional research on the interned and speaking to satisfied customers, our decision to place our business with One Water Systems, Oceanside, CA was the best decision we could have made.

They are a company committed to providing the best whole house filtration and water conditioning system with the best warranty (10 years) and free annual inspections. Their attention to customer service and after sales and installation follow-up calls proves that customer service is not dead.

Thank you One Water Systems.

Continued success.