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Analyze the effects of Physical Water Treatment Systems.

Analyze the effects of Physical Water Treatment Systems.

Following your request, we examined the device for, physical water treatment by the  name of “Amp Force unit” you provided to us in various experimental set-ups, to find modifying effects on hard water, and found a comparably high effectiveness under the respective conditions.

It is a known fact that several scientific institutes dealing with water have in the majority expressed doubts about the effectiveness of physical water treatment systems, as scientific proof did not seem to be achieved, although numerous users have confirmed the positive results.

Such failed experiments, designed to prove the good functioning, we attribute, on the one hand, to modifications of water properties due to plant growth during the test cycles, which have always continued over months so far, and, on the other hand,  to apparently “not necessarily close to practice” experimental set-ups.

One restriction should be added to this:  the experimental set-ups are based on models, which, however, come very close to practical necessities, at least with regard to reflections on this subject.  Thus, in a miniaturized boiler experiment, a 1-inch tube was turned in a 1/16-inch capillary tube, and deposits of incrustation were removed thanks to pressure increase with the flow remaining constant.  From a specific pressure, the systems shuts down automatically, which is recorded as “downtime”.  Based on such reflections, we proceeded to set-ups being easier to overview and representing specific models yielding visible results in measurable figures, to show differences between treated and untreated water, in a short time.

1.   Amp Force Unit (Concept 2000) proves to have the following effects:  The downtime in the miniaturized boiler test significantly increases compared to untreated water.  The increase in downtime also applies to the built-in bypass.  However,  between bypass and ultra pure water, a minor difference in downtime shows.  This could be due to the joint short tube piece installed up to the take-off point, but also to some “mechanical stress” related to bends, narrowing and extensions or low slippage.  The effect reverses within one day after switching off the system. Also, outside of the piping system equipped with Amp Force Unit.
This proves the results’ corresponding to users’ reports, where temporary effects of similar periods are witnessed for such systems as well.
2.   Easier removal of lime precipitations forming under the influence of heating is proven by determining the lime content being easier to remove and adhering more strongly to the vessel’s walls.
3.   Through lime precipitations provoked by alkalizing, turbidity occurs slower and to a lesser extent in the water treated by the Amp Force Unit (measured as turbidity).  Thus a physico-chemical effect may be documented as well.  The results achieved without any doubt that the physical water treatment system “Amp Force Unit” influences hard water favorably in the sense indicated by the manufacturer.

Prof. Dr. D. Frahne