15 Years Warranty for One Water Systems CA, California, USA

15 Years Warranty

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No-Nonsense Parts and Labor Guarantee
(Non-prorated - Non-transferable)

With Free Annual Inspections*
The One Water Systems, LLC Whole House Water Filtration System and Calcium Control Unit incorporate the highest quality of engineering, manufacturing and material components (internal media, tank, electronic timer, etc.) to exacting quality assurance standards. The Calcium Control Unit has been tested and certified to meet all claims. Each component of the whole house water filtration system undergoes and extensive final inspection before shipment. One Water Systems LLC guarantees the valve body and water conditioner tank not to rust, leak or burst during the warranty period if failure does not result from abuse, fire, freezing, or evidence of tampering and other acts beyond our control. One Water Systems LLC further warrants that the Calcium Control Unit will greatly reduce hard water scale so long as the unit has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and is appropriate for the hard water conditions that may exist prior to the unit being installed.

One Water Systems LLC (15) Year Warranty is all inclusive to the extent that there will be no charge for any parts or labor to repair or replace any portion of the system during the warranty period.

Should any component within this warranty period is found to be defective, One Water Systems LLC will repair or replace the defective component at no charge to the customer. Should any component of the whole house water filtration system be made inoperable by others, a service charge of $145.00 will be charged to the homeowner for inspection and evaluation of the system. All parts are subject to inspection by One Water Systems LLC or an authorized representative. Charges for the repair and/or replacement of damaged part or parts will be agreed to between the homeowner and One Water Systems LLC before repair work commences.


The electronic control (timer) module shows no signs of tampering. Any attempt to open or remove the cover plate from the unit will void this warranty and charges for the repair replacement will be applicable to bring the unit to an operational status.

Any part of the whole house water filtration system that may exhibit a problem during the warranty period should be addressed by the homeowner to One Water Systems LLC who will have a customer service representative evaluate customers concern(s) and remedy a solution.

Equipment is limited to use at water pressures not to exceed 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) and water temperatures not to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

One Water Systems LLC reserves the right to discontinue, change, or modify any of our products (components) and any time and without notice or liability. If for any reason, products (components) of the type originally installed are no longer available during the warranty period, we may substitute another product component of comparable quality should that component become defective and/or inoperable during the warranty period.

One Water Systems LLC is not responsible for any verbalized or unauthorized statements, expressed or implied, which may result in any breach of this expressed warranty as it relates to our whole house water filtration system and its related products.

One Water Systems LLC shall not be liable for any consequential damage or incidental damage that may be caused by others. Homeowner's exclusive remedy for any such defect covered under our warranty is the repair or replacement of the defective product damaged by others at a charge to be discussed and agreed to between parties.


You must submit your claim in writing within the warranty period to: One Water Systems LLC. 3137 Tiger Run Ct ste 108, Carlsbad, CA 92010, or you may contact us by email to OneWaterSystems.com or contact us by phone at: 760-994-4795. Please provide the following information: Model Number, Serial Number and Date of Installation.

* Coverage warranty extends to the original purchaser only.