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Importance of Salt Free Water Treatment with Dr. Bob Martin

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A Letter from Dr. Bob Martin of “Health Talk Radio”

Dear Mr. Worsfold,dr bob martin I wanted to take a moment and write to thank you for my new One Water whole house water treatment system. As a doctor, I am acutely aware of how important contaminant-free water is to good health and for years purchased bottled water for my family (spring water only – because I know most bottled water is produced by reverse osmosis and is therefore acidic).

I had considered a variety of water systems; traditional water softeners, but decided against them because I didn’t want my family exposed to the salt. I looked at under-sink reverse osmosis units but discovered the only water they treat is at the kitchen sink and the water they produce has had the calcium and magnesium removed and I know that diets deficient in calcium and magnesium can lead to cardiovascular issues and diabetes.It was not until I learned that your system treats ALL the water in my home that I finally decided. Now, my family does not drink contaminants or chlorine. Now my water tastes great, – from every faucet – so I no longer have to buy bottled spring water, I don’t worry about salt from softeners or acidic water from reverse osmosis and my family even bathes in contaminants- free water without chlorine.Many thanks for a fantastic water system! So good in fact, I discuss it regularly on my national radio show.

Thanks Again!


About Dr. Robert Martin

As recommended by nationally syndicated talk show host Dr. Bob Martin, One water systems provides the healthiest quality water to your home or business. Unlike reverse osmosis systems and water softeners, One water systems uses no filters or salt to treat the water so you save money. The Patented One Water system uses proven German engineered technology and is used by such companies as Mercedes Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Linde Corp, and Speed Queen among others. With the One Water System, healthy, great tasting drinking water is available from every faucet in your house. With the system electronics you will notice a significant reduction in water spots and scaling, cleaner laundry, less usage of detergents, and longer life of your plumbing fixtures. Best of all, with the advanced One Water Systems technology, there is no potassium chloride or sodium chloride (salt) needed. Now that’s healthy! Plus no more lifting those heavy bags of salt or having to pay for that.One Water Systems will truly make your life a whole lot better, just ask Dr. Bob Martin who owns one. Listen to his show every weekend morning on most talk radio channels.