Author - Hunter Worsfold

Tap Water On Airlines: Safe or Risky?

There are many of us that fly from destination to destination, but have you ever wondered if the water being served up during the flights safe to drink? If you really think about it, where is the water from? How long has is been in the plane? Is it replaced after every flight? A recent study by Diet Detective and Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center did tests on water on airlines. The results of the study are kind [...]

Poway Precautionary Boil Water Advisory

UPDATE: The Advisory Has Been Lifted Last Friday, November 29, there were reports of discolored water from many homes in the city of Poway. Due to this fact, the city has mandated that, if you live in the city, you boil your water before using it. Please listen to the city at this time as we find out more information. AS of December 4, the city has claimed the water has passed multiple tests about it being at the correct [...]

EWG Tap Water Database Update

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has recently updated their tap water database. In this database you can search your ZIP code and see what exactly is in your water. As you will see, the amount of contaminants in regular city water can be endless in some areas and most have been linked to be known to possibly cause cancer. The city's limits on some contaminants can be higher than what the EWG believes should be. The database can be [...]

Air Quality

Everyone understands that it's important to know what exactly what goes in your body. Most people look twice before consuming food or water; but do we do the same with the air that we breathe? A lot of us understand that pollution is getting worse and worse as the time goes by but what steps are we taking to insure that none of what is in our environment is being breathed in daily? The air we breathe in from our [...]

New Study Shows Filtered Water is Better for Your Health Financially

A recent study by the Water Quality Research Foundation has shown that filtered water can help you financially. The study shows that exposure to many things in our drinking water can cause a decrease in IQ level, therefore, not getting the potential education for a higher paying job. "The financial cost related to lead exposure include the loss of productivity to society, lost earnings, the costs of special education, and the costs of juvenile delinquency. A recent cost– [...]

Before and After

Recently we just replaced a One Water Systems machine for our long time customer of 10 years. Upon removing it, it was evident how powerful and amazing of a job our machine has done when it comes to the amount of calcium build up. As you see below you can see the difference is night and day. On the left is the water going into the tank and on the right is after the treatment. If you would like [...]

Helen Woodward Spring Fling Gala 2019

Helen Woodward Animal Shelter hosted their Spring Fling Gala for 2019 and One Water Systems was an honored guest for this great charity event. A lot of money was raised for the shelter and it was a great cause all around. View the gallery below to check out some of the pictures of the One Water Systems family in action.