Author - Hunter Worsfold

Is Carlsbad Alkaline Water Really Alkaline?

Being based out of Southern California, many people are aware of Carlsbad Alkaline Water. Their water can be found in many convenient stores around California and you can even go to the source in Carlsbad and fill up your own bottles and jugs. Many people rave about the water being the best on the market because it has such a high pH value. On the side of the bottle it even states that it's pH is 8.5-9.0, which actually [...]

Rain Affects Total Dissolved Solids

Here in Southern California, we have had an unprecedented amount of rainfall these first couple months of the new year. In many parts throughout Southern California, it was record breaking rainfall. Due to the amount of rain that we have been experiencing, our tap water becomes affected as well. The reason that this happens is because of the rain going in through the ground and into our water supply. The amount of rain water affects the TDS (Total Dissolved [...]

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Restructures Environmental Department

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has signed two executive orders and one executive directive Monday in an effort to protect the Great Lakes, clean up the state's drinking water, and combat the impacts of climate change, her office announced. She has stressed the importance of clean water for everyone in the state of Michigan. “This is about finding real solutions to clean up our drinking water so every Michigander can bathe their kids and give them a glass of [...]

Nitrates Found in Drinking Water

There has been a release of a new report from the Environmental Working Group that has shown a widespread contamination of nitrate pollution in the drinking water of the United States. In a report released Oct. 2, 2018, the Environmental Working Group analyzed tests of public water systems and found that 1,700 communities across the United States regularly have nitrate levels that the National Cancer Institute says can increase the risk of cancer. Two-thirds of those systems, serving more than [...]

Drinking Water Violations

According to records from 2015, the EPA  said that 21 million people were served by drinking water systems that didn’t meet standards based on rule violations.   The Safe Drinking Water Act regulates levels of contaminants in public water supplies. This graph tracks violations of the act over time. Spikes in violations often coincide with new, more stringent rules.   As you can see by this chart, adding stricter regulations to our drinking water doesn't necessarily mean they will fix the issue right away. There seems [...]

One Water Systems Helps Helen Woodward Hope Telethon

On Sunday December 16 2018, One Water Systems had the pleasure of sponsoring to the Helen Woodward Foundation at their Hope Telethon that was broadcast live on KUSI. The charity event helped raise money for animals and people in need. The Hope Telethon stands for H – elping people with special challenges   O – rphan cats and dogs finding safe haven P – arents and children learning how to share the earth E – ducating shelters about ‘the business of saving lives   One Water Systems had the opportunity [...]

Elon Musk Keeps His Promise to Flint

At the beginning of the month, Elon Musk announced that he and his foundation would be donating $480,350 to Flint Community Schools. This money will go to all the schools in the district to supply new water filtration systems on each campus. The systems will decontaminate the water from bacteria and lead that has been prominent in the Flint water. Flint mayor Karen Weaver said that she and Elon discussed many of the problems that Flint still faced including that [...]


It is a great compliment from other ‘water’ filtration companies to tell prospective buyers the they can make the same system as ours. It is equally annoying to be told by our future or past shoppers to believe that to be true. It is very easy to offer a Ford automobile to a customer looking for a Mercedes, telling them that Ford is exactly the same as a Mercedes. Most consumers know that is not true as they have educated themselves [...]