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Aging Pipes: The Hidden Hazard

Aging Pipes: The Hidden Hazard

Have you ever seen the news show sink holes happening throughout the streets? A broken pipe underneath the ground causing the surrounding area to collapse in the extreme wet conditions. We never really know just how long the pipes that transport our water to our homes last underneath our feet when we are walking around outside. Depending on the age and the kind of pipe, they can last anywhere to 20-80 years. Eventually they will break down like everything else in life. But what exactly happens when a pipe starts to get older? Does it affect how the water is when it is coming out of our faucets?

Aging water pipes present serious hazards, jeopardizing water quality and public health. As these pipes corrode over time, they pose the risk of lead contamination, especially in older buildings with lead pipes. Furthermore, the development of cracks and crevices in aging pipes promotes bacterial growth, causing waterborne illnesses. Additionally, compromised pipes allow contaminants from surrounding sources to enter the water supply, creating dangerous cross-contamination situations.To ensure a safe water supply, regular inspections, maintenance, and pipe replacement are essential. By taking proactive measures, we can safeguard our water source and protect the health of current and future generations. In the meantime, we can figure out our own solutions.

A water filter can significantly improve the situation with aging water pipes. By installing a quality water filter at the point of use, contaminants like lead, bacteria, and other impurities can be effectively removed. This ensures that the water reaching our homes is cleaner, safer, and free from harmful particles that may have leached from deteriorating pipes. Using a water filter provides an additional layer of protection, complementing efforts to maintain and replace aging pipes, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more reliable water supply for everyone.Many devices claim to help with corrosion, but how do they work? What proof? We have those answers!

Here at One Water Systems, we are the experts in figuring out the type of water filtration that works best for your household. Our state-of-the-art full house water systems eliminate any impurities that may be harmful to you by removing them before getting to any faucet. Let the worry of anything coming into your home through your water supply go away by giving us a call today to help find what is best for you. Call us at (760) 994-4795 or visit us for more information at