Advanced Modern Water Purification Methods

Water filtration by definition simply means to strain out the impurities from a water source. The larger the impurity particulate, the easier it is to filter. The opposite is true: the smaller the impurity particulate, the harder it is to remove. Thus, the size of the filter pore and the durability of the filtering element are important to the filter's longevity and its ability to perform. Most filtering elements are made of ceramic, glass fiber, hard-block carbon, or materials [...]

Analyze the effects of Physical Water Treatment Systems.

Following your request, we examined the device for, physical water treatment by the  name of “Amp Force unit” you provided to us in various experimental set-ups, to find modifying effects on hard water, and found a comparably high effectiveness under the respective conditions. It is a known fact that several scientific institutes dealing with water have in the majority expressed doubts about the effectiveness of physical water treatment systems, as scientific proof did not seem to be achieved, although numerous [...]