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Potential Spike in San Diego Water Bills

Potential Spike in San Diego Water Bills

The San Diego County Water Authority said its sales earlier this year dropped 14 percent. This is in part to a very wet winter as well as the economic impact that Covid-19 has on businesses and residents. San Diego depends on getting most of their water from the Colorado River which is controlled by a company called Metropolitan Water District, located in Los Angeles. When they raise the rates of water for San Diego County Water Authority, that tends to bring up the prices of those that live in San Diego County to make up for the cost.

Originally going to be a 6% increase, officials got it down to 4.9% for our residents. Metropolitan proposed an increase of 3% in 2021 and 4% in 2022 to sell, thus making local water bills higher. Before any actual rate spike shows up on your water bill, the department has to conduct a study analyzing and justifying the cost of getting you water.

During these hard times because of the coronavirus, San Diego’s Public Utilities Department said it would absorb the $7.5 million needed to collectively meet the rate increase for the time being, drawing on its savings and some of the cash the city made by selling the Mission Valley stadium to San Diego State University.

As of right now this is all proposed and nothing has been made official quite yet. It’s just something to take a look at and if we do get a spike in our water bills, this could be a cause.

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