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Could Dasani Be Harmful?

Could Dasani Be Harmful?

According to a recent study by Wellness and Equality, there are some alarming things that are being added to Coca-Cola branded Dasani Water. Turns out there are more ingredients than just water that is found inside of Dasani. On top of water you have 3 main ingredients that are “added for taste”. They are: magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt.

Magnesium sulfate is a teratogen, which is an agent or factor that causes malformation of the embryo. This has officially received a Pregnancy Category D from the FDA. This has shown harmful affects to the fetus in preterm labor if administered. Magnesium sulfate is also considered to be a drying agent and is said to be bitter. Why dry out water? Why make it bitter?

Potassium chloride is commonly used as a fertilizer and used as injections to stop the heart. There are many side effects to potassium chloride; some of which include: cardiac arrhythmia, muscle weakness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia or heartburn to name a few. Now you can find it in natural food sources but once you take it out of them it may behave differently on it’s own. 

Salt, as everyone knows, tends to dry a lot of things out. One thing everyone tells you is to not drink salt water, so why is Dasani doing just that? The more salt you have in your body the more likely you are from having things happen to you like high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure your body starts to strain itself from the heart, arteries, kidneys and more. 

Dasani has made these ingredients known. These three ingredients are not found naturally in water so why do they need to be added? Just remember when your buying water to check the label because there is that chance that something might have been “added for taste”. 


Reference: February 19, 2014