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Southern California Students Celebrate National Protect Your Groundwater Day

Southern California Students Celebrate National Protect Your Groundwater Day

Fifth grade students take a pledge to protect local groundwater supplies

Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) officials and students from Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, part of the Paramount Unified School District, gathered to celebrate “National Protect Your Groundwater Day” Sept. 10, 2013. During the assembly, more than 160 fifth grade students took the Act, Consider, and Take action (A.C.T.) Pledge, a commitment to help protect and conserve local groundwater supplies.

The assembly featured WRD Board Director Albert Robles, Roosevelt Principal Susan Marilley, and several Roosevelt Elementary School teachers. WRD staff, including a Hydrogeologist, and an Engineer and Water Quality Expert had a Q&A session to answer students’ questions about groundwater. Each student received water education materials and information, a certificate of participation from WRD, and a special certificate of recognition from California State Senator Ricardo Lara.

“Protect Your Groundwater Day provides the perfect opportunity to educate people of all ages about the importance of protecting our groundwater,” said WRD Board Director Albert Robles. “Most people know very little about our local groundwater, yet it is an absolutely indispensible resource for our region. Forty percent of our water supply comes from the groundwater basin, which have been successfully managed by WRD for more than 50 years.”

WRD joins the National Groundwater Assn. and other water agencies across the country to promote “Protect Your Groundwater Day” each year. The goal is to raise awareness about the protection of groundwater, the largest source of fresh water in the world.



courtesy: Water & Wastes Digest eNews