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Is Seltzer Water Good for You?

There is a growing trend in the United States that shows people are drinking more and more sparkling, or seltzer, water. It is most notable from the beverage industry showing that they are making $4 billion from seltzer water yearly. As popular as it has been over recent years, is it as good for you as normal drinking water? Experts don’t say it is for a couple different reasons. The carbonated water has C02 in it which turns into carbonic [...]

Some San Diego Residents Eligible for Water Rebates

San Diego residents in some unincorporated areas are eligible for increased water-use efficiency rebates. The program, announced in partnership between the Watershed Protection Program and San Diego County Water Authority, could save money for residential, commercial and agricultural customers who make landscape upgrades designed to improve the region’s climate resilience and reduce the flow of pollutants into waterways. The incentives include rebates that start at $3 per square foot for turf replacement, $60 per smart controller station, $65 per [...]

House Passes Bill Regulating ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, The House of Representatives passed a bill requiring the EPA to regulate the usage of “Forever Chemicals” found in our drinking water. The bill itself would demand that the EPA regulate the most common perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFOA and PFOS, within two years of enactment. The bill would give the EPA five years both to determine whether all PFAS should be designated as hazardous and to submit a review of the agency’s PFAS cleanup efforts. The EPA [...]

Oceanside One of the Worst Water in the Country

A new study was released showing Oceanside ranked at 198 out of the top 200 cities in the United States. The study, made by LawnStarter, took the top 200 cities based on: Consumer Satisfaction, Compliance, and Infrastructure Vulnerability. Oceanside ranked a measly 39.79 out of a possible score of 100, making them in the bottom 3 of the entire study. The study also shined a light at Southern California as a whole. Southern California consistently was ranked towards the bottom of the study. San [...]

Alkaline Bottled Water Company Causing Possible Illnesses

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is currently investigating reports of acute non-viral hepatitis that may have been linked to Real Brand alkaline water. There were five cases that lead to liver failure back in November. The five that were infected were actually infants and children. Luckily, all of them have recovered since. There were six other cases with milder experiences. The only link between all of these different households so far seemed to have been Real Brand alkaline water. As the investigation continues, the [...]

The Otay Water District’s Board of Directors publicly rebuked Director Hector Gastelum

The Otay Water District’s Board of Directors publicly rebuked Director Hector Gastelum’s “derogatory” and “offensive” social media post during a special meeting Friday. Director Hector Gastelum used derogatory remarks about vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. The Otay Water Board had publicly condone his remarks immediately. The Otay Water Board has put its third censure on him since 2017 because of other remarks he has made on social media in the past. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” Director Mitch Thompson [...]

Los Angeles to Shut Off Water If Found Partying

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, said Wednesday that an effort to reduce giant gatherings and parties, they will be shutting off the water and power at those locations. A lot of people in LA are now having house parties and gatherings in their own homes despite the restrictions put in place by California Governor Gavin Newsom last month, Newsom ordered an immediate halt to indoor activities at restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. There has been a large [...]

Potential Spike in San Diego Water Bills

The San Diego County Water Authority said its sales earlier this year dropped 14 percent. This is in part to a very wet winter as well as the economic impact that Covid-19 has on businesses and residents. San Diego depends on getting most of their water from the Colorado River which is controlled by a company called Metropolitan Water District, located in Los Angeles. When they raise the rates of water for San Diego County Water Authority, that tends [...]

California Awards San Diego $15 Million for Water Projects

The California Department of Water Resources has awarded more than $15 million in grant funds to San Diego County, to help with water recycling and reuse to water conservation. The San Diego County Water Authority submitted the funding for the San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management Program. The San Diego IRWMP secured a $15,336,336 grant. The grant money will be used in parts all over the county. Here is a complete breakdown of the funds: Paradise Valley Creek Water Quality and [...]